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Yering Farm Wines Heritage

The Yering Farm Wines property was originally the site of the Yeringa Vineyards, established by the Deschamps family in the 1800's, an important founding Swiss family who established substantial cellars which appear to have thrived for many years. From the early 1900's most of the Yarra Valley converted back to pasture and mixed farming, and it was only from the 1960's that vineyards began to emerge again.
The land where Yering Farm now stands was purchased by the esteemed Johns family, fifth generation orchardists impressed with the land and its fertility. Orchards were planted in 1981 but in 1988 son Alan Johns, after researching the history of the property and its success in viticulture decided to resurrect the history of the Yering Cabernet and plant vines to its rightful land.

The terroir was too good to just grow apples and pears, Johns told his father, we should grow grapes! The father dismissing his son's outrageous suggestions as no one is growing grapes, vines are a thing of the past! Johns convinced his father to humour him with five acres on the estate to grow grapes. Given that it was a 200 acre property, five acres was of no consequence, surely. So, it was, five acres of grapes were to be planted on to the Yering property.

Cabernet vines were sourced from the clone acclaimed from the property's forefather, Joseph Deschamps. The plantings took place in 1989. Johns having an orchardist background, grew the Cabernet based on Joseph Deschamps success in the vineyard, following intently his teachings. He resurrected the Yering vineyard with the respect it deserved and today continues to make wines as they were intended.

The Vineyard

Yering Farm has 30 acres under vine on rich clay loam soil, growing six varieties; Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. A combination of Scott Henry trellising and Hanging Cane trellising is used. All fruit is hand picked to ensure only the best parcels of fruit are selected for our individually handcrafted wines. Whilst hand picking is more labor intensive (and costly), we at Yering Farm feel it is worthwhile in achieving the high standards desired. Alan usually crops between 3 and 3.5 Tons per acre (90 to 100 Tons in total, depending on the season.
Harvest typically commences with Pinot Noir in the first or second week of March and finishes with Cabernet Sauvignon in early May.

Wine Making

Alan Johns winemaking differs from production line techniques, as he hand crafts original New World wines from estate grown fruit. Alan's hands on approach to winemaking and viticulture ensures that all Yering Farm wines are of the highest quality whilst retaining their individuality. No expense is spared when creating Yering Farm's sophisticated premium wines of distinction. At Yering Farm you can experience how the wines develop over time, as we carefully cellar many back vintages and offer a range of interesting wines to taste.

Yering Farm uses French Oak Barrels due to their tighter grain. This allows for more subtle oak influences on our handcrafted wines. Yering Farm use a range of different sized French Oak Barrels.

From budburst to bottling, every stage of production is carefully controlled by Alan. He has vast knowledge and extensive experience in fruit growing and the challenges of working the land. Alan's ability to produce good fruit is a skill that extends through to his wines - wonderfully soft and elegant examples of the region's classic style through the consistent production of quality, premium cool climate wines.

The winery has developed over the last twenty years and is now fully equipped. Individual winemaking plans have been developed for each of the six varieties. Traditional winemaking techniques are utilised, including the use of open top fermenters, hand plunging and maturation in French oak barriques, which assists in the creation of Yering Farm's superb wines.

Yering Farm creates New World wines integrating the latest winemaking philosophies, innovations and wine styles. Wines under the Yering Farm label have received glowing reviews on the wine circuit, winning numerous awards and recognition in the industry. Production has steadily increased to crushing 100% estate grown fruit, resulting in approximately 6,000 cases of wine produced annually.

Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an
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For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor. (Penalty exceeds 17700) Licence No. 32602395

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