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The Yering Farm Wines property was originally the site of the Yeringa Vineyards, established by the Deschamps family in the 1800's, an important founding Swiss family who established substantial cellars which appear to have thrived for many years. The district blossomed due to the Swiss settlers who were encouraged to immigrate to Victoria. The Swiss pioneers were excellent viticulturists and winemakers. By 1890 Victoria produced almost 60 percent of Australian wine, more than all the other states combined. From then on plantings were extensive until the 1920's, when economics forced a decline in viticulture and wine production, causing the vineyards to revert back to pasture. With the influx of European migrants after World War 2 a new interest in wine began to emerge in Victoria and by the 1960's several small vineyards began to emerge planting a wide range of grape varieties.
The land at Yering was purchased by the esteemed Johns family, fifth generation orchardists impressed with the land and its fertility. Orchards were planted in 1981 but in 1988 Alan Johns, after researching the history of the property and its success in viticulture decided to resurrect the history of the Yering Cabernet and plant vines to its rightful land.

The terroir was too good to just grow apples and pears, Johns told his father, we should grow grapes! The father dismissing his son's outrageous suggestions as no one is growing grapes, vines are a thing of the past! Johns convinced his father to humour him with five acres on the estate to grow grapes. Given that it was a 200 acre property, five acres was of no consequence, surely. So, it was, five acres of grapes were to be planted on to the Yering property.

Cabernet vines were sourced from the clone acclaimed from the property's forefather, Joseph Deschamps. The plantings took place in 1989. Johns having an orchardist background, grew the Cabernet based on Joseph Deschamps success in the vineyard, following intently his teachings. He resurrected the Yering vineyard with the respect it deserved and today continues to make wines as they were intended.

Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an
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